Friday, 18 December 2015


Grieving heart, Grieving soul
Grief is within
Yearns to grieve, No more

With my dimmer visions and Weakened desires
On the palm pearls which I hold
Are lost, vanished in the mist of fate
Like broken dreams once sew With hope

In rainbow I see no color anymore
In roses I feel dead and sore
HE was furious that is why
HE sent me here and shut me off
From heavens door

O! My dear friends
O! My dear unborn love
Unstinted welcome here is thine
Do remember me as the one 
Who was lost
When I leave my body
Withered and blind

Grieving heart, grieving soul
Grief is within 
Yearns to grieve no more

Asif Balouch
Copyright 2011